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We occasionally have puppies for sale to approved homes.

Our next litter is planned for later in 2022.

There is a huge demand for puppies at the moment and most recognised breeders have a long waiting list and are now reluctant to advertise.
You might like to look at www.beaglepuppybreeders.org for other reputable breeders and www.beaglehealth.info for information about breed health.
Please do be very careful if you are looking at commercial websites and non accredited breeders as there are many scams around at the moment and prices (normally around £1000/£1500) charged are very high, even for non kennel club registered and cross bred puppies.
Please check out the Beagle Association website at
for information on buying a beagle puppy
Please do contact us if you require more information





Quaver as a puppy



If you would like more informationabout the breed do contact us.

Information about the breed can also be found at:

  • www.beaglehealth.info
  • www.beaglewelfare.org.uk